In Rotation, Kazu Kimura, Ignition Technician, A salute to Detroit house and Techno, Bootay 2 and Enchnated forest

There is alot coming up in the next couple of weeks, to much to mention but here is just a taste. When i get more details and artwork for all these events i shall put them up for you so you can check it out.

But just so you now In rotation are having there 6 month anniversary on the 21st of Nov, BOOTAY 2 is on the 22nd of Nov, as is A salute to Detroit house and techno. Kazu Kimura and Ignition Technician are doing a special Techno show at F4 on the 6th of Dec, Ignition Technician will be playing live and joining the will be Voiteck live as well, so that’s one fuckin special techno show. Finally on the 13th of Dec ill be off to Adelaide to play at Enchanted Forest, This is Adelaide’s best and longest running rave party, the line up is crazy so stayed tuned for more details


Whiplash is along for the ride are you?

For guestlists to any of these shows, listed on this blog email me at


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