Team Opulent pres Dj Assault (Detroit) @ Miss Libertines 12/12/2008


DJ Assault, the undisputed Ghettotech legend is coming to Melbourne to bring an ass-shaking, bass rumbling and hands-in-the-air party, like only he can deliver. For the uninitiated DJ Assault is a pioneer of Ghettotech, the style of early house accentuated by gritty production and even gritty lyrics. Assault helped Ghettotech to mainstream success, with his club hit, Ass ‘n’ Titties, featuring his raw and stripped back raps.

His live sets have become legendary, you might not have seen him play at Honky Tonks in ’05, but anyone who went has been talking about it ever since. He is a true pioneer and we’re very excited to present this show.

Stay tuned for ticket details.

Ooh-Ee / Mike Hunt / Apollo Kids / Team Opulent
Miss Libertine
Friday 12 Dec

Whats on pending

Fire up cos there’s gonna be a whole lotta shakin goin on


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