Im calling it now, This will be the party of the new year


Niche Productions, The Operatives and 100% Phat Present

Gilles Peterson feat MC Earl Zinger (UK)
Platinum Pied Pipers (LIVE 4 Piece – Ubiquity/USA)
Flying Lotus (Warp/USA)
DJ Numark (USA)

Thursday 1st Jan 2009 (NYD) – Brown Alley

Main Room: Chris Gill, Mike Hunt, Ooh-ee, Nick Thayer, JPS
Garden Bar: Jesse I, Flagrant, Nam

Sometimes life throws us curveballs, but this one we can bat out of the stadium! Niche Productions, The Operatives and 100% Phat announce immediately the kind of respite that Heads have been demanding in the wake of the re-shuffle of Hot BBQ.

This new years day basslines will be twisted, turntables will be wrecked, MPCs will be punched and mics will most certainly be nice-d up, as quite simply the best in Soul music will be in effect at Brown Alley from the afternoon till well in to the night.

Responsible for bringing some of the world’s most exciting artists to your ears through his Talkin Loud and Brownswood labels, Gilles Peterson has the turntable experience to match the tune picking skills! His ‘Worldwide’ program on BBC Radio One exposes the freshest new music week in and week out. Nice-ing up the mic will be Earl Zinger, the mysterious singer-poet who has had a few albums out on !K7 and has been tied to projects by Tosca and 2 Banks of Four.

With an impressive musical lineage (he’s part of that Coltrane mob, you know?), Steve ‘Flying Lotus’ Ellison made an impressive imprint on 2008 with his second album Los Angeles on Warp. Previously, his Reset EP and album 1983 album on Plug Research amazed the heads who follow the future beat scene, however his live shows and aforementioned debut for Warp really brought him across the pond to the rest of the dance and hip hop scene’s attention.

It’s been three years since Questlove (The Roots) first famously rated PPP aka Platinum Pied Pipers. The group’s latest incarnation will be releasing their second album Abundance dropping in January. Never ones for staying stagnant, PPP take a new, more progressive direction on this project and the result is a fluid mash-up of the group’s array of both vintage & modern influences from pop, house, funk, Detroit techno, and of course, hip-hop – all filtered through the group’s unique vision for the future. Live band features Waajeed, who will also be doing a separate DJ set, plus Coultrain and Saadiq.

Internationally known as the Soopa-DJ/Producer for Jurassic Five with Cut Chemist, DJ Nu Mark’s skills are second to none. His inventive tricks whilst on the decks, along with his habit for finding the most ridiculously good samples make no club performance of his the same.

Complimented by a stellar local lineup in a wicked indoor-outdoor surrounding, the day has been saved, so get your tickets quick!

Price: $40 Early Bird (Limited), $48 Tickets, More on Door

Doors Open: 4pm till Late

Tickets available: (Moshtix outlets), polyester, Brown
Alley,, Hear Now, DMC Records, Mighty Music Machine,
Northside Records

“We kept the fuel for the Fire”

Brown Alley: Corner of King and Lonsdale st Melbourne, Victoria
Doors Open: 4pm till Late


2 thoughts on “Im calling it now, This will be the party of the new year

    • It’s a god damn crazy party matey, i cant wait. I’ve been hanging to see PPP for a long time and i cant wait to check out some of there new stuff. Then on top of that there’s Flying Lotus, Giles, Nu-mark and then wajeed is gonna dj as well, plus all of us crazy aussie djs, it’s gonna be one crazy day/night.

      Spewin you cant make it, but ill have a beer for ya 🙂

      ill fix the typo, i just cut and pasted the press release i was sent.

      take care matey and nice to hear from you

      matt radovich aka mike hunt

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