Let’s get ready to rumble

Well i hope you all had a good long weekend and that you made the most of it, cos there aint gonna be one for a while now. Thanks to everyone that made it out over the long weekend and i hope you recovered nicely. But you know that doesnt mean the fun stops, hell mother fucking no, the good times still roll on and on and on. So like the title of the post says, Lets get ready to rumble cos ive got a kick arse weekend of fucking shit hot parties for ya

Thursday night @ Bimbo Deluxe 7pm-10pm
Friday night @ Miss Libertines 6pm-9pm & The Lounge Downstairs 1am-close
Saturday night @ Pretty Simple (Pham vs Cromack) 9pm-11pm & Bimbo Deluxe 1130pm-1am
Sunday night @ Lucky Coq 6pm-9pm



So i hope to see ya out and about this weekend, cos there is good reason too, even it is cold, harden the fuck up and get involved, cos your only young once and its fun too. Also there are some new photos in the photo page for you all to check out. Have a good weekend and see ya at the bar


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