Things to look forward too

Well things just dont slow down in clubland no matter how hot or cold it gets and we have some exciting news for MTC fans. This year will be our 7th birthday and were finally going back to where we belong, Deep 11. Keep your eyes pealed for more info soon, here and at the MTC website.
Coming up really soon is the next installment of BOOTAY and to get you even more excited, yours truely has been added to the likes of you next line up, peep the dets.


Dayum sistas, dont it botha you no end when some guy is all up in ya face and has like, given you the once over and deems you worthy of being called ‘fine’
yet he doesnt even chance a glance down at your best asset, your rear end, your caboose, he damn well slides up to your eyes alone and thinks he can woo you without even unlockin the glory in your trunk! Well no more, i say! To all those ladies and their veritable MEN who love bootay, come down and join us in some appreciation for the peachy, some glory for the bottom story, and get down and badonkadonk to some damn fine tunes the likes of which them lily white no ass mutthafukkas will remember in tha grave!


The Likes Of You presents Audion live, Omar S, Oxia & Dubfunk

After a four month hiatus resting their weary dancing feet from a hectic techno summer season The Likes Of You return. Hibernating during the winter, after weeks of fasting, the crew rise from their den to bring together a lineup that appeals to every man, woman and child.

AUDION (Mathew Dear) Live with visual show.
Ghostly / M_nus / Get Physical

Matthew Dear aka Audion (Spectral), False (Minus) and Jabberjaw (Perlon), is an electronic music innovator, a globally recognized DJ talent and a founder of the acclaimed Spectral Sound label. In 2009, he will bring a new vision for Audion to select venues worldwide to coincide with the release of new music. Audion has commanded the dance floor since the 2004 debut release of “Kisses,” and stepped
into the world spotlight with the international anthem “Mouth to Mouth” in 2006.

Pushing the boundaries of techno, Audion’s cutting-edge sound is a crowd-pleaser.
Audion has layed his sophisticated, pyscadellic techno touch to Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip, Blackstrobe and many more and is often atop the charts of DJs worldwide

OMAR S – Detroit (3hrs +)
FXHE Records

The Grandson Of Detroit Techno Omar S is a highly respected producer of underground house and techno from Detroit. He runs sought after blueprint Detroit label FXHE records, engineers for other producers including Theo Parrish plus tours the globe delivering techno and house to the masses.

Omar S trademark is giving the crowd a rare slice of unreleased Detroit gold. When it comes to delivering Detroit to the dance floor he is the same class as Carl Craig, Derrick May and Theo Parrish. His motto “he is putting a new wave of real Detroit techno soul back on the map”. Given the almost hysterical rave reviews of his releases and recent Fabric CD, it seems a pretty fair assessment.

Lets welcome Omar S and Detroit to The Likes Of You!

OXIA – France
Kompakt Extra & GoodLife

The freshest thing to come out of France since the baggette, Oxia has been delivering the groovy melodic techno that’s landed on all our plates. At one time or another in the darkest club or craziest house party we have all grooved away to an Oxia track or remix. His music has hit an accord with Melbourne dance community with bla bla and blab la becoming instant classics, played in probably every club except Boutique.

Are you ready for a serving of techno delivered by this French maeastro?

Crème brulee and fois gras are synonous with France. Oxia is a name is that synonous with groovy melodic techno.


Dubfunk is a emerging & growing DJ / producer taking solid steps in his musical experiment. Developing artistic maturity, bringing a groove and blending different genres known for their simplicity and structures: techy minimal beats with an underlying progressive theme.

The music he produces and plays are never planned, everything depends on mood, feelings and own experiences. Expect the unexpected.

Friday September 11.

Gavin Keitel, Dave Pham, Mike Callander, Virginia Le, Ben Cromack, Dean Benson, Andy Hart, Myles Mac, Pat Tassone, Muska, Tom Evans, Dwayne Thompson, Nick Jones, Matt Kovic, Safari, Isaac Fryar, Ben Pittard, Cameron Woodard, Mitch & Mike Hunt

TICKETS on sale Thursday July 2

Capacity limited to 1500

Brown Alley. Corner of King & Lonsdale St. Melbourne.

ONLINE TICKETS: Ph: 13 61 00

DMC -Sth Yarra – 9824 1211
Glue – Highpoint – 9318 7277
Glue – QV – 9650 7764
Ministry of Style – Fitzroy – 9419 4952


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