BBBrrrrr it’s cold out there, so you may as well spend it in a nice and warm club

You know sure it is winter and it is getting way cold at night, but things in the club just keep heating up. There have been so many good parties so far this winter and it just keeps getting better.
Thanks to everyone who made it out to BOOTAY, it sure was a great party and keep your eyes out for our next ass shaking adventure.
Also the MTC line up has been finished and all the details will be out shortly, im really excited about this one, it’s our 7th birthday this year that’s alot time in club years and it’s going to be a special one.
Lots to do this weekend and here is where you can catch me

Thursday @ Varsity – Bimbo Deluxe (7pm-10pm)


Friday @ Miss Libertines (6pm-9pm) & The Lounge downstairs (1am-close)


Saturday @ Pretty Simple – Ffour (9pm-1030pm)


and Sunday @ Lucky Coq (6pm-9pm)

so there you go, i hope can come out this weekend and catch up, maybe have a drink or 8. Take care out there, until next time


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