This is the start of something BIG

Well i must say to start everything off, ive already had a massive week, ive already seen the doves play on tuesday night, then i got to see the flaming lips last night, both bands were musically amazing, but the stage show the flaming lips put on was simply brilliant, i want to go again. But then i thought, i better not go again cos there is still so much see, do and hear in the coming weeks and this weekend is the tip of the iceberg.

here is where you can catch me out and about this weekend

Thursday @ Bimbos Deluxe (7pm-10pm) & Tight @ The Workshop (11pm-close)



Friday @ Tune In Tokyo at Miss Libertines (6pm-10pm) & The Lounge Downstairs (1am-close)



Saturday @ Pretty Simple at Ffour (9pm-11pm)


that’s all for this weekend, but dont forget coming up on the 7th of Aug, Thomas Schumacher at the prince and if anybody wants cheap tix just send me a message and finally dont forget The 14th of Aug, When MTC Celebrate there 7th birthday back at Deep 11.

Take care out there and keep dancing


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