This week it’s all about Thomas and his sneakers

Well like i’ve always said time and time again, what an awesome weekend last weekend, if you missed tune in tokyo, you missed out on something special. Well done Dave and Kev on an awesome show and i cant wait to see what you do to top that one. That was the past now to the present and this weekend is set to be outta control. Thomas Schumacher hits town this friday for sneaker peeps and its going to be a big one.
And just a little look to the future dont forget MTC 7th brithday next friday on the 14th of August.

Here is where you can catch me this weekend

Thursday @ Bimbo Deluxe (7pm-10pm)


Friday @ Miss Libertines (6pm til 9pm) & the Lounge Downstairs (10pm-1am) & Sneakerpeeps feat Thomas Schumacher @ the prince (5am-6am)



Saturday @ Pretty Simple – Ffour (9pm-11pm)


Sunday @ Lucky Coq (6pm-9pm)

So there you go, if your out and about come and say hi.

Dont forget MTC next weekend, its going to be LARGE



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