Sad Sad News

If you recall from last weeki announced that the one and only, techno god himself Robert Hood was touring in October, well some a tragic event happened to his family and the tour has been postponed until December.

Here is the press release

We’ve received some tragic news from Robert and he has decided to cancel the Asia and Australia tour (2nd – 24th Oct). He
just had his cousin (very close to him) and partner get killed in a fire accident (their house burnt down) and his cousin’s 5 children are now left homeless and parentless. He will spend the next few months in Detroit with his wife to help out. Oct dates has become impossible for him at the moment. He is hoping to resume his tour in Dec, but for now he is needed back home to help he can.

Our thoughts and condolences have been sent to Robert and his family, no doubt it is an extremely difficult time for him and those whom have been touched by this horrible situation. We will keep you updated with his family’s progress.

His agency have advised they would like to look at resuming the tour in December, there will be absolutely no change to our line up and we invite all of you to be part of this important show when the tour eventuates.

My heart goes out to Robert and his family and we look forward to seeing him in December


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