Sweet as bro. This weekend is going to be choice as, ey!

If your wondering what the fuck im talking about, im a little excited. Im heading out to the palace on friday night to check out Fat Freddys Drop for the first time, i love there music and im finally going to get to see it and hear it live, Fucking choice as ey bro.
Thanks to everyone that made it to Arm in Arm and The Last Techno Party …. As If? They were both rocking nights and i had a little to much fun at both events.
Here is whats going on this week

Thursday @ Bimbo Deluxe (7pm-10pm)


Friday @ Miss Libertines (6pm-9pm) & The Lounge Downstairs (1am-close)


Saturday @ Make Poverty History @ Federation Square. I Actually Start at 10:30am not 11 so get down nice and early and if your thirsty im sure transport will be open so we can have a few pots


Sunday @ Lucky Coq (11pm-1am)

So what ever your doing have a choice weekend ey bro


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