Get ready for a FUCKING massive weekend

We’ll it’s finally here after all the work and effort and blood and sweat and tears, it’s time to let loose and enjoy what will pretty much be one of the most enjoyable days of the year. If you dont know what im talking about i think your at the wrong blog. Saturday = Stereosonic, and with that we’ll get to see Laurent Garnier Live, Marco Carola, Alter Ego, Hudson Mohawke and the list goes on. Also you get to see me up on the same stage, but i will be rather early so if you keen do yourself a favour and get down there at midday, cos thats when im on. And once we’ve finished at stereo it’s off to New Guernica where the one and only Dj T will be getting physical. So there you have it Saturday is going to be mental, as for the rest of the week, you know the drill.

Wednesday @ The Mercat cross hotel (5pm-12am) For the Night Market shenanigans

Thursday @ Bimbo deluxe (7pm-10pm)


Friday @ Miss Libertines (6pm-9pm) & The lounge downstairs (1am-Close)


Saturday @ Stereosonic (12pm-1230pm) & DJ T @ New Guernica (2am-4am)




Sunday @ Emerald Peacock (3pm-5pm) & Lucky Coq (6pm-9pm)

So there you have it a fucking massive weekend and there is something for everyone, so i hope to see ya out and about for a drink or ten


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