Yeah Yeah I know, Its been a while

I will start off by saying happy fucking new year everyone, yep that’s how slack ive been, with good reason though. I have been enjoying this festive season with a bloody good amount of partying. New years was fucking awesome, then the weekend after new years was amazing and then the weekend after that (last weekend) was one of the best ive had in years. Here is a little summary so you know what the fuck im talking about.
New years eve at New guernica was alot of fun lots friends and plenty of drinks followed by the 2manydjs gig, that was mental but i was on the same time as 2manydjs, so i didn’t really have that many people in my room, so i got to play some techno, lets just say people “panniked”. Then we were off too the mercat for the yeah fuck yeah party and boy can these guys throw a party, awesome day awesome music, Linas was fucking outstanding, then off to brown alley where things got a little loose (check my YouTube page for the evidence). After that everyone finally got some rest except for me cos i had to go play at new guernica again, in the main room all night by myself and you know what it was a bloody good time. Then Sunday we had to drive down to mornington for the solar festival and that was fucking wicked, i got to play the main stage, then play in between every band on the second stage, so i got to play everything from hip hop to metal to blues to booty, i even got a mosh pit started and i chick even flashed here tits at me (well she might not have flashed me but she flashed the stage so im claiming it, i was up there when it happened) Check me YouTube page for some wicked video of that day, people were PANNIKED.
Last weekend was blur cos everything has turned into one big party but on Saturday night at new guernica we had Pepe Bradock, Ripperton and Mattius Meyer, and lets just say another wicked night was had, the boys at new guernica really know how to put on a party, but i couldn’t stay long and enjoy it cos we were on a plane (Bitch!) and off to Sydney for the days like this festival, i wasn’t playing there i was just enjoying it and let me just say it was fucking awesome and ill be back there next year for sure. Every act was awesome, the venue was outstanding and eve the people were great.
Now we are here, right now and as you can imagine im pretty bloody worn out, but there is no rest in sight, cos this weekend is going to be fucking insane.
Here is where you can catch me this week

Wednesday @ the Mercat Cross Hotel (830pm-12am) for the night market action

Thursday @ Bimbo Deluxe (12am-230am) and don’t forget to check out Tight at the Workshop



Friday @ Miss Libertines (6pm-9pm) & The lounge downstairs (10pm-1am)


Saturday @ the Workshop (830pm-12am) & New Guernica (1am-3am) & Concord Dawn (3am-4am)


Sunday @ The Emerald Peacock (3pm-6pm)

So there you have another fucking big weekend, Stay tuned to this site cos ive got alot of photos and mixes for the festive season that i have collected and i will post up here soon.

Have a fun weekend and ill see you most probably at the Bar


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