It’s all about Beer, BBQ’s and BOOBS this Australia day weekend

I dont know why it’s about boobs this Australia day weekend, it’s always about boobs every weekend, I think i just subconsciously wrote boobs about of habit and hey im never wrong when im right. Its been a big week this weekend and the weekend is set to be massive. Last night i got to see Them Crooked Vultures, they really are a fucking super group, one the most amazing shows of the year and it’ll be hard to top them. Asides from that i was added to the line up for the Gaslamp killer show, which is fucking massive so stay tuned to that as well as being added to the Orbital line up and if you know your electronic dance music you know that is a pretty big deal. And on Tuesday we’re off to the Big Day Out, so you know it’s gonna get messy, with alot of good clean fun

Here is where you can catch me this weekend

Thursday @ Bimbo Deluxe (7-10pm)


Friday @ Miss Libertines (530-830pm) & The Lounge Downstairs (1am-close)



Saturday @ Bimbo Deluxe (1230am-230am) & New Guernica (3am-430am)

Sunday @ Emerald Peacock (3pm-5pm) & Lucky Coq (6pm-9pm)

Monday @ New Guernica feat Dixon (ger) (1am-3am)


So there you have it, if your out and about make sure you come and say hi and have a drink or 2

and if your going to rainbow this weekend, take care out there and dont go wondering off in the woods, who knows what’s in there


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