What an awesome weekend

Well let me tell you, last weekend was one of the most memorable weekends ive had in ages. It started at festival hall on Thursday night with the eagles of death metal followed by Faith No More. They were one of the best bands ive seen, and ive gone to alot of gigs. If you get the chance to see them again make sure you do it. I did and the next day i went and saw them at the soundwave festival and once again they didnt disappoint. After the festival we headed to Roxanne Parlour where i had to at the Espionage gig featuring the Gaslamp Killer. I started the night off, followed by inkswell, then Dizz1, he was awesome and if you get to see him again, take the chance. Then next up was Harmonic 313 aka Mark Pritchard. He was unbelievable, ive seen him play many times before but that set was fucking awesome. Then next up was Gaslamp Killer. Fuck me this guy is insane, so much energy, so many good tunes. I cant wait til he comes back again. Special mention goes to Nam, he played in the side room and absolutely smashed. Such a talented dj, he plays heaps around Melbourne and if you get to see him you wont be disappointed, we sure weren’t. The next day we had Ewan Pearson at New Guernica, the place was packed and Ewan was playing some pretty special tunes, if you weren’t there you missed out. Sunday, well that was a blur. Lets just say i had one to many cocktail jugs.

Here is some video footage and photo’s from the weekend

Faith No More at Festival Hall



Anthrax at Soundwave


Faith No More at Soundwave


Me at Gaslamp Killer


Gaslamp Killer at Roxanne Parlour


All in all it was a fucking wicked weekend


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