It’s been a long time

I know what your thinking, where the fuck have i been, well, i wont go into it, lets just say i haven’t been well and i am almost all better now. Have you been enjoying this lovely season called winter, i have. There is nothing better than sitting over your ducted heating event, drinking hot chocolate (with some kind of alcohol in it) and watching dodgy TV. But some might say there is something better, me being one of them. What is something better you may ask well, its pretty simple really …………. Going out and hitting the bar while listening to some of Melbourne’s best djs and live acts of course. There is some much stuff happening at the moment, A Tribe Called Quest are on there way as well as the Brand New Heavies, you should not miss these gigs, they will be pretty fucking special. Robert Hood is playing this Friday at brown alley and also the Mighty MTC boys will be in support with Craig playing after Robert and Sam is on at 12 in the smoking room, you know where ill be, so if you love your techno don’t miss that one. Scuba and Ras G are hitting Roxanne parlour at the end of the month and that is one gig you have to go too.

Where can you catch me this weekend

Wednesday @ Candy Store at the Lounge

Thursday @ Bimbo Deluxe & Tight @ The Workshop



Friday @ Miss Libertines & Lucky Coq


So there you have it an action packed weekend and im sure ill you see out and about this weekend


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