Dj Marky is on his way

Espionage – 1 year of operations – Feat. DJ Marky and MC Lowqui

Intelligence sources have confirmed that 2 of the world’s top Operatives will be activated in Melbourne for one of the largest Espionage activities to date…..

The 1 year long Espionage activities have finally allowed for the return of DJ Marky and MC Lowqui!!!

So if you do not want to miss out on seeing one of the best djs in the world, send me a message via facebook or through here cos i have some industry tix available. But get in quick cos i dont have many


DJ Marky is considered one of the greatest DJs on the planet, no doubt about it! Marky’s career began in the ‘80s, and by the beginning of the ´90s he was already a phenomenal DJ and had the mark of a true entertainer, becoming a pioneer for Brazilian dance music by breaking through in the United Kingdom, the home of Jungle and Drum N´Bass. In 1999 Marky was chosen as the best DJ in the country, by Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. Marky´s international success is very well documented and has had a significant impact on the Brazilian scene by bringing to the fore some of the more diverse musical talents that Brazil has to offer. His ability and technique have won fans all over the world and today, with his personality and charisma, he always attracts the crowds. With massive coverage in Brazil, Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia and Czech Republic, Marky is an authority on the dance floors of every country and city he passes through…


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