My head still hurts, but fuck it i’m ready to do it again

Yes last week was amazing from start to finish. Too much fun was had but that is never a bad thing. A Tribe Called Quest was fucking unreal. MTC was fucking awesome, such a good vibe in the place and all the dj’s delivered. Dj Marky on Saturday was perfect as always and then on sunday the storm smashed the rabbits. You couldnt ask for a more perfect weekend. Of course this weekend is as star studded, but that should never stop you from going out and having, there is always something to do.
Smash TV is on at revolver if you need that techno fix, the guys is pretty good and he will be live to, so dont miss out. Also the Brand new heavies are in town and if you are lucky enough to get a tix, enjoy cos these guys will be amazing, i’d be going if i didn’t have so many gigs on.
Finally in more techno news, Hardware and Poison apple have asked us, the lovely MTC guys to get involved in there next Sneakerpeeps adventure, of course we couldn’t say no, especially when they said they were bringing out Deetron. Yes that is right the swiss master will be playing on the 24th of Sept (grand final eve) at Qbar in south yara, more details soon, but mark it down in your diary cos it will be a night not to miss.

Here is where you can catch me this week

Wednesday @ The lounge

Thursday @ Bimbo deluxe


Friday @ Miss Libertines & Emerald Peacock & Lucky Coq



Saturday @ Strike bowling Chapel st & New Guernica

There you have it, lots of fun to be had this weekend and there is lots of awesome things still to look forward too


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