There are no quiet weekends here

Nope there are no fucking quiet weekends here, there is just lots of parties and bullshit and fuck me drunk what a weekend this is going to be. Friday night the Heavy Innit boys have a massive party on at brown alley, feat Addison Groove, Deadboy, Bar 9, Doctor P and your favourite local djs like C:1, A13, Dust, Affiks and to many more to mention, so get on down it will be HEAVY.
Saturday Night Bart Skills is in town to destroy Circus and Timo Mass is at Brown Alley. See there is fucking heaps to do, now all you have to do is choose. Dont forget coming soon Stacey Pullen is back and he’s ready to tear 161 a new one and i dont need to mention that the one and only Surgeon will be here next week.
Now i know your all like yeah Matt that’s really cool, all these ace international shows are on and we cant decide, so we’ll go watch you play (I know im full of it)

So here is where you can catch me

Wednesday @ The Lounge & Bimbo Deluxe

Friday @ Miss Libertines & Lucky Coq



Saturday @ Emerald Peacock & Club Retro

So there you have it, a massive weekend ahead of us all. Have a good one and get ready for next week, it’s set to be fucking huge


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