Creamfields line up is here!

Well after a year of solid partying, the Creamfields juggernaut is back and all of us Techno fans should be happy. Well i sure you don’t have anything to complain about, that is for damn sure. Firstly we get to see Hi Tech Soul in action celebrating 25 years of Detroit Techno with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Next we have the Croatian sensation, Umek. Then we have what has got me so fucking excited, Sandwell District, now if you don’t know who these guys are look them, their live show is fucking out of control. Also just in-case you don’t know, Sandwell District is Regis (British Murder Boys) and Function. Last but not least on the techno line up Tim Green will be there for all your tech house needs. So there you have it Techno fans get fucking fired up, cos that is one good day of solid techno and lets hope Regis and Function want to a dj set as well cos that would be sweet as fucking tits. Also dont forget more could be added to the line up like Steve Rachmad did last year.


So now for some ticketing news, i will have some very special nice price tickets ($100) on me for only 2 weeks or until they are sold out, i pick them up on monday so if you want some cheap ones you better get in there fast.

Here is the full line up

Martin Solveig
Simon Patterson
Gabriel & Dresden
Wynter Gordon P/A
Hi Tek Soul:Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May (25 years of Detroit)
Bingo Players
Dada Life
Round Table Knights
Sandwell District
Tim Green
Bart Classens
Mumbai Science

The date of the Melbourne show is Anzac day the 25th of April, so mark that in your calender and get ready for one fucking good time


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