How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Fried?

Well Easter is fast approaching and there is so much to see and hear and do, Melbourne you are a very lucky town.
This Tuesday it all begins for me at Bimbo Deluxe with the launch of the Best of Both Sides Festival. Wednesday night see’s me at the Lounge with special guest from Holland dj Edburg and PCP and Amy. Thursday im back in the Kitchen at New Guernica. I’ll be cooking up some serious throw down party tunes, so fucking get ready! Friday i’ll be at the one and only Miss Libertines for some Good Friday knock offs, then over to the other side for more Best of Both Side action, this time it’s Lucky Coq turn and this time it’s personal! Sunday it starts to get fucking large with Clark from Warp records with Harmonic 313 and Robin Fox, all ready to destroy Roxanne Parlour. And with one of the best local line ups you will ever hear, this is not a night to miss. Then Monday the wrap up to your Easter shenanigans with myself see’s us at Creamfields at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds with Sandwell District (Regis and Function), Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson and Umek!






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