You gotta blame it on something!

This saturday night is going to be huge such a diverse night of music for you to get involved in.

Firstly the lovely people at Miss Libertines are bringing it back! Bringing what back i hear you ask? The one and only party sensation “Blame it on the rain”. If you are not familiar with this party, well you better recognize and get yourself down there this Saturday night. It’s a night of classic dancefloor party hits from the 80’s and 90’s and as a bonus you can get in for just $5 if you dress up in 80’s or 90’s attire, if your shy, don’t be a lot of people will be dressed up as well, but if that isn’t your thing it be will $15 to get in. So if your a fan of getting down to the daggy hits of the 80’s and the 90’s get yourself to Miss Libertines this Saturday night.


Secondly, here is one the TECHNO fan. The wonderful people at Techno Mulisha are doing it again and this one will be a special one. It’ll be there 4th birthday party and it’s in a secert warehouse location and it’ll be full of TECHNO and drum and bass madness. So if your a fan of banging TECHNO make sure you keep your eyes peeled to there facebook page for the location of the party, so you can get your ass down to the warehouse on Saturday night and get yourself stomping on that dancefloor. Bring on the FUCKING TECHNO!




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