Time for cake!

It’s November and that can only mean one thing. It’s Miss Libertine’s Birthday again. You know that means we’re in for one hell of a party. This year they are throwing 5 special parties over 4 nights. Starting Wednesday night with funked up French man Onra. He was on fire at Espionage on Monday night and he’s ready for round 2, best of all it’s free, so there is no excuse. Don’t miss this guy and his beats, you’ll be kicking yourself if you do.


Thursday night is another crazy night of insane electronic goodness, with Textbook Thursday feat Simon Caldwell from Sydney and in the other room Racket brings you Sense and Steve Law Live, plus Mark N and heaps heaps more.

Then Friday night for the indie kids, they have the Cobra Snake from the US. So if your into that stuff, you’ll definitely get your rocks off.

Then there is the party to end all parties. It’s the actual birthday party. This means heaps of fun tunes, LED dancefloor, heaps of free and cheap booze, food and one hell of a good time. Don’t miss this one, they are always sweet as tits!



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