Live Music Safari Next Thursday night @ Miss Libertine


Miss Libertine and Melbourne Music Week presents

Live Music Safari

Joining the Dots

Here at Miss Libetine we have a musical culture of anything goes and anything can work together. Metal can be played alongside techno, reggae can fit in with house. Funk fits in nicely with drum and bass. I think you get my drift. So for one of the Music safari stops we wanted to showcase what actually goes on here at Miss Libertine on a weekly basis and try to cram it all into one night.
In the Front room we will be showcasing our regular Thursday night shenanigans with local Melbourne dynamic house and techno label Text Book Music, their resident djs will keep you dancing all night long.
In the backroom we will be showcasing a musical journey, starting with jazz, then moving onto funk then bringing in a little soul. Once you have been touched by the soul you will be hit by a reggae experience like no other. After you are done with that we shall take you to the streets with some hip hop, then into some tasty electronic beats. This musical journey will be made special by a couple of bands and several djs. The Bands involved are “That Gold Street Sound” and “Vibrophonic Orchestra”. The dj’s that will help you join the dots are our finest residents, which happen to be some of Melbournes best and to make the night even more special, we shall chuck in some secret special guests.
Now that you know what to expect, make sure your muscles are warmed up and you have a comfy pair of dancing shoes tightened up because we will make you dance well on into the night.
One last thing remember to bring a HB pencil, so you, yourself, can join the dots.

Check out the bands you can see at Joining the Dots here


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