Bye bye Lola!

Yep, we know you already know by now that one of regular places to play is closing down for good, Miss Libertine. It’s a sad time, but these things happen in the club world and instead of fucking dwelling on why, what or how. We should be remembering the fucking out of control times we had there. I’ve got a few to get through so fucking just sit tight and bear with me.
I’ve had so many fucking out of control Friday night happy hour sets and I’ve had the pleasure of playing music for some tremendous people that has either worked there or drank there. So thank you for the fun times. Also thanks to everyone that has booked me or payed me to be there. So thanks to Steve, Al, Paul, Rosh, Jerry, Danae, Bo, Kev and the rest of the fucking awesome people that booked me to play at there parties there, you know who you are.
Thanks to all those fucking out of control acts like that gave me some fucking nights I will never forget. Like Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Dorian Concept, Hudson Mohawke, Derrick May, Kazu Kimura, Amp Fidler, Qbert, Roc Raida, Dj Assault, The Industrialyzer, Virgil Enzinger, Fumia Tanaka, Daedelus, Recloose, Onra, all those fucking crazy artists that played at Racket, I can keep going on and on, but I think you get my point.
So with only 3 weeks left, you have the chance to send Miss Libertine off with a fucking bang. I will get to be a part of some great parties in there final weeks and here is one that will be definitely one of those nights you’ll remember. The Final Call, check the flyer and details below.


I’ll have more info coming soon about other fucking tremendous final gigs coming up at Miss Libertine.

See ya Lola and thanks for all those great times I had inside you!


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