TECHNO is coming soon!

While half the mother fucking population are coming down from hearing some fucked up music over the labour day weekend. We get set to welcome one of the fucking best producer/DJs TECHNO has to offer. Hailing from one of the world TECHNO meccas, Spain. Get set to welcome for the first time in Australia, Oscar Mulero! Yep you fucking heard me. He is finally making his way here, on the 30th of March, to shake the foundations of what is one of the best TECHNO venues in Melbourne, Deep 11 (The Mercat basement). A couple of years back we got to see Regis and Function as Sandwell District, deliver one of the best sets in Melbourne TECHNO history. Now that Oscar is on his way to Melbourne, I am highly anticipating this to be another one of these fucking nights. Oscar will be hitting the decks for over 3 hours, so get set to experience some dark, deep, driving, insane fucking TECHNO. Oscar will be supported by 2 Melbourne TECHNO heavy weights and stable mates Matt Radovich and Dean Benson. Tickets are strictly limited. So get set and grab yourself a fucking ticket, so you can be one of the 260 people that get to be a part of Capacity 260 featuring Oscar Mulero.



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