Get your Kung Fu on!


Chop Chop. Do the Hustle.

Back in the land of time forgotten, ancient warriors craved sacred food of their ancestors after a days battle. From Dahl & busted Roti to Magic Spice Chicken with a full spread of hawker style skewers from all loving animals that walked our lands freely. All foods coming in super combos and assorted styles but no mix and match or big boss with chop chop. Lucky Bali Hai Long necks for $10 and Super Lucky rich guy Tsing Tao for $13 with a range of small time asia beers from our conquests in the orient and the back of a truck.

When you’re finished dispensing with demons and evil spirits nothing quenches a warriors hunger and thirst like The Late Night Kung Fu Hustle.

Open from when the sun goes down till the old lady’s charcoal get cold Wed-Sat (6pm till12am,)
34&Franklin, Shanghi (Melbourne).

Dj’s rotating on the regular are JPS, Nam, Mike Hunt, Obliveus and Hans DC


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