Tekno Mulisha 5th Birthday feat Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss Live Friday 4th May


For half a decade now Tekno Mulisha have been bringing you some of the best underground techno events Melbourne has to offer and this one will be no exception as we bring you the Australian leg of the Stay Up Forever 100 Tour to help celebrate their 100th release milestone..
For the Oz leg of the tour we’ll be bringing you 2 of the UK’s most prolific acid techno producers Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss to unleash there 100% live set that has been destroying dance floors all across Europe, UK and beyond..

Alongside Chris and Sterling will be some of Melbourne’s heavy hitters and TM regulars in the hard techno / acid techno genre bringing you their usual style of bang up tekno for punks.. whilst others claim to be bringing techno back the truth is it’s always been here you just have to dig a little deeper…
Add to this joining forces with TM are our usual allies Destroy Ordinary who’ll be bringing their trademark style of brain wobbling Drum & Bass on a second stage if you’ve been to any of our recent squat party’s over the past year you know what to expect from these guys…

This is one you definitely don’t want to miss.. Limited Early bird tix will be available early next week get on it. Techno Oi..

Chris Liberator is a DJ and a producer. Besides his prolific work for Stay Up Forever and Cluster under a range of pseudonyms & collaborations, (including a mass of work with, amongst others, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Guy McAffer, Lawrie Immersion, Julian and Aaron Liberator, Sterling Moss, Ant and Darc Marc), he has also recorded under his own name for many other labels including Tec, Prolekult and Smitten.

He Co-owns and runs the Stay Up Forever Label Collective, (with the other Liberators) which includes their Labels Stay Up Forever and Cluster. He has launched his own labels “Maximum Minimum” and “Wah Wah” for Techno, and “Yolk” for Tech-House.

Sterling Moss is best known for his three deck wizardry, complete with FX units and drum machines, bringing together a cutting edge fusion of tough grooves in an explosive dj mix.

While working in the studio alongside some of the biggest names in the scene, Sterling has released music on a huge range of labels including: Stay Up Forever, RAW, Hydraulix, Cluster, Racetrax, Raceway, Hardasfunk, Wah Wah, Neuroshocked, Powertools, 99.9, Yolk, Scythe Squadron, Polymeric, Apex, Hellhouse, Nukleuz, One Inch, Rotters Golf Club, Sweet Peaks, No Entry, Strata, BR-909, Carbon Audio, TMM, Maximum Minimum, Bodyshock, Hive & Torque.

On the production front, as well as running his ‘Sound Lab’ studio, Sterling is also an official programmer for Roland Synthesisers, having worked extensively on the programming of their MC-909 Groovebox, after they were impressed with his use of their vintage TR-909 drum machine.

Sterling’s cutting edge fusion of musical genres has helped to push the perceptive boundaries of musical categories, and to intercept the barriers between scenes, making him a true leader in the future of the global dance scene.

Tix $30 – now available from Ministry of Style Brunswick St Fitzroy or hit up the crew on TM or DO facebook page and the crew will get you sorted

Local Support

TM Stage : Dj Moon, Neocortex, Digital Whax (DVS vs Syndrome Live), Matt Radovich, Speedloader and Yelo Tera..

D.O Stage : Xian, Abort Retry Fail, Doc Ross, Hacksaw, Mandrax, John Smith.

Venue: The Liberty Social, 279 Flinder lane, Melbourne.

If you need a tix hit me up on facebook and i’ll make sure you get one.


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