This Friday night, the smoke clears! You better be ready.


When the Smoke Clears… the tale of a techno town

In a town once heralded world wide for it’s enthusiastic embrace of the art form known as Techno, a fire has been burning, smouldering away. As the crowds are lured by the fluoro glow of the electro era, the coals in another fire have been poked and prodded and maintained by the crazed curators of a stuttering dream. These advocates and technocrats have tended flames under guises and banners; winding engines from distant eras to the tune of the techno standard. And now as the smouldering fires emit dampened glows the crews with their banners combine and unite and together work the bellows to feed the flames once more. We walk united and bear a standard that says we will survive this techno child, beyond the perversions of financial gain and crippling commercial strain. For one thing must be ensured, When the Smoke Clears… the drums roll on.

When the Smoke Clears… the melting pot

Ringleaders, trouble makers, dreamers who dare dream an independent music dream; you are invited to gather where we ourselves now gather. We have each stood firm with an idea of a music that defies mass exploitation; that serves an artistic ideal, that brings forth energy and community and people moving to the music. A movement inspired by simple things: art and sound and rhythm. A swirling melting pot where the technologies of the moment run riot in an arena of unbridled, augmented, amplified sound. This is our melting pot and we humbly extend a ladle to you. We would that you come and take a stick to it and stir the soup with us. We call this experience When the Smoke Clears, for it’s only after the smoke has cleared and the soup has cooled, that the true tasting begins…

When the Smoke Clears… will you know where you stand?

A revolution is under way and it’s throwing up billowing clouds of smoke and dust. The electronic music movement is undergoing a seismic shift and When the Smoke Clears, we offer you this. Nine crews who have stood to deliver their passion for a music that extends beyond style and speaks something of a cultural imperative. Part of which is to embrace the new and see where it leads, and hope like hell that it retains the essence of the original vision. And so this legion has joined together to deliver something big: A party experience where the arts of DJ’ing and of live production of the techno sound get worked over by people who live by it. DJ’ing in it’s myriad forms: vinyl, CD’s, laptops, controllers, the sync dilemma, para-production, multi source looping: we will be bringing all of this to the table and sitting you front and centre in the performance arena of where DJ’ing is at now. Nothing is taken for granted. Trust techno to do it, because it’s the techno credo. It’s the art of the thing. And the art is being examined right now. Come and be a part of it. When the Smoke Clears, will you know where you stand?

When the Smoke Clears… Genesis

This is what has happened: the lead people from ten techno crews (Unstable, Technoir, High Ground, The Public Works Department, Gradient, MTC, Overnoise, Mixed Messages, Monotremes and Machine) came together at the bequest of the bookings manager of Brown Alley. An offer was made; these crews could combine their talents and energy to form something new that would receive financial backing from the club. Artistic license and intellectual property would remain sovereign to the crews. Basically a big club financing art. Money going back to the starter culture of the whole jar of yoghurt. The art of techno lives on… When the Smoke Clears was born. Meeting when the date fits, where there is a gap in the calendar and we won’t be taking business from any other crew or night that shares our vision, we come together to deliver quality international acts, local live artists and credible DJ’s, making a contribution to the art. Bottom line is that it’s a quality event, built from the ground up by artists working in the field; for a price that means everyone’s included. An industry event that recognises the people are the industry, for without them there is no art. We welcome you into the space:

When the Smoke Clears
Launches – Friday April 20th
Brown Alley
$15 Entry
+ Drink Specials

Set times up soon!


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