Get ready for a massive Friday night!

Ok just when you thought Friday couldn’t get any bigger, It’s sure as hell fucking does!

The night starts off at my new favourite Friday night, The Bottom End. I will be kicking off Friday night knock offs in style, so If your starting your night off early, come down and grab some sweet booze and tremendous food!


Then it’s over to Billboard nightclub, to warm up for one of the best live electronic acts on planet, ORBITAL! I’ll be hitting the decks around 8pm then Orbital will be hitting the stage at 930pm! So if you don’t have a ticket yet, you better get one because you do not want to miss out this!


Then i’ll be heading over to a birthday celebration to end all birthday celebrations. Yep TEKNO Mulisha Turns 5 and to celebrate, they are bringing down Chris Liberator (UK) and Sterling Moss (UK) to deliever there first ever live set in Australia. The 303’s and 909’s are packed and they are ready to shake The Liberty Social (Flinders Lane) down to it’s foundations. Tix are selling fast for this as well so if you don’t have one, you should get yourself sorted ASAP. I’m not sure what time i’m playing at this yet but as soon as I do I will make sure I update this post.


Then I head across the river to the always rocking, Lucky Coq! Here it’s just nothing but good times and great classic hits. All you should know is, you will be dancing all night fucking long! I’ll be jumping on the decks there from 1am til 3am.


Then to end the massive Friday night, I think it’s best that I head back to the TEKNO MULISHA birthday party and finish with some fucking TECHNO! So if your out this Friday night and your at any of these venues or parties please stop by and say hi and maybe have a beer or 3!


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