When The Smoke Clears PERC lands in Melbourne


When the Smoke Clears presents PERC

Ringleaders, trouble makers, dreamers who dare dream an independent music dream; standing firm with a music that defies exploitation; that serves an artistic ideal, that brings forth energy and community and people moving to the music. A movement inspired by simple things: art and sound and rhythm. A swirling melting pot where the technologies of the moment run riot in an arena of unbridled, augmented, amplified sound.

This is the cultural riot of When the Smoke Clears; techno and art fusion, collision, cohesion.

We have thrown the gauntlet down, we ten independent crews, and united under one banner; two parties down we humbly thank you Melbourne for believing; because that’s what your attendance means to us. Belief, that such an endeavour is worthy of support.

And so it’s into this fray that we bring PERC. Of any present European techno artist PERC typifies all of the above. Part avant garde tonal artisan, part techno beat master barbarian. PERC resides at the forefront of musicianship, if that term can be applied, to one who is always testing the tension between genre and style. If you want to hear the edge that governs fashion in music you listen to an artist of this calibre. Except the listening can defy the actual experience of standing on the floor in the raw feeling. Be assured, as you shoe gaze in haze of the dance floor, When the Smoke Clears, you will see, hear and feel one of the true electronic pioneers of the moment.

When the Smoke Clears, featuring PERC, brought to you by: Unstable, Machine, Technoir, High Ground, Public Works Department, Gradient, MTC, Overnoise, Mixed Messages & Monotremes.

August 17

Brown Alley

$25+bf from moshtix, $20 from promoters or over the bar at Brown Alley.


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