Capacity 1000

Capacity 1000

It’s been a long time coming and in March of 2012 we saw the first in a series of electronic musical experiences with both high level multimedia and full length performances by both local and international talent, This is CAPACITY.

Where compromise is checked at the door and tickets are sold only to the limitations of the venue, Capacity literally means Capacity. Gone are promoter djs, Industry tickets, discounted whatever and we return to performance based musical experiences. Guests have spanned the globe including Oscar Mulero from Madrid, Alexkid from Berlin and Kyle Hall via Detroit.

At this year’s Melbourne Music Week, we are going to the next level with Capacity 1000. We see the return of techno-funk godfather of Detroit, Mike Huckaby. From educator to sound designer, and not to mention his busy tour schedule, “the Huck” is a man of endless talents.


For the first time in almost 10 years, UK turntable master Ben Simms makes his way to Australia. His effortless control over multiple channels is simply mind bending and his barrage of labels have been infamous in the electronic music scene for well over 15 years.


As something unique to Where?House, we will showcase for the first time in Australia a sort of super techno band, Four By Four. This 100% live creation of four iconic Melbourne producers will take the stage for two hour live experience featuring Honeysmack, Steve Law, Voiteck and Two4k on a full live analogue rig spanning 10 meters and collectively over 60 years experience performing live electronic music.

Mike Buhl [Moodmusic] , Matt Radovich [ Melbourne Techno Collective] and PWD [The Public Works Dept.] are long time Melbourne favourites and will ensure the big guns have the pressure on the local front.

-Mike Huckaby (USA)
-Ben Sims (UK)
-Matt Radovich
-Mike Buhl
-Four by Four Live.[Honeysmack, Voiteck, Two4k & Steve Law]

Tickets on sale now:

For mor information head to:


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