The Soiree is back in October!


Yes that is right, we are back!

After our awesome start to spring, we are gonna start October off the right way and nothing beats a good old fashioned Soiree on a sweet as sunday afternoon.

So by now you should know the deal. But if you don’t check it out. We play the best in soul, jazz, funk, hip hop, electronic beats, house, disco and everything in-between. Hitting the decks this time around will be Hans Dc, Moon Shine, Mr George, Nam, Mike Gurrieri and Matt Radovich.

Plus you’ll be able to get some of the best drinks in town from one of the best bars in Victoria. And to top it all off, if your hungry you can choose from the marvellous Hot dog menu. Plus cos we like you so much we have a special deal for you, which is. Buy 1 Melb long neck and a Hot dog for only $10

Best part of all it’s FREE to get in

So get yourself down to the Sunday Soiree, the good times are waiting for ya!


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