MTC’s 10th birthday celebration this Friday night!


Set times

Blights Bar

11pm – 12am Jay Reading
12am – 1am Haul Music Live
1am – 2am Sam McEwin
2am – 5am Steve Rachmad
5am – 6am Matt Radovich

Garden Bar

9pm Louis McCoy (Knee Deep)
10pm PWD (The Public Works Department)
11pm Chiara Kickdrum Live
12am Dean Benson vs Mike Buhl
1am Linas Live
2am DVS (Tekno Mulisha)
3am Jani Ho vs Voiteck Live
4am Darius Bassiray
5am Mr Pyz
6am til when the people leave MTC Mash up Sam vs Jay vs Matt

Melbourne, once regarded as “techno city” by a touring Luke Slater in the late nineties, has had a long standing love affair with the futuristic sounds from the motor city. Like all good love affairs there’s been good times and bad, but always more sunshine than rain. So it’s fitting that the year that one of this cities longest running techno crews celebrates 10 years of existence, is also the year that Melbourne has fallen in love with techno all over again.

The Melbourne Techno Collective weren’t around
when the love affair began, they aren’t nor have they been the largest or most popular techno crew in Melbourne and they lay no claim to being the this cities most influential. But in 10 years of passion for techno music, passion for discovering and nurturing a uniquely Melbourne sound and passion for celebrating and supporting Melbourne’s own talent with the sort of vigour usually reserved for stars from across the globe. The Melbourne Techno Collective has unquestionably put their footprint on the Melbourne underground.

However small or large that footprint might be is inconsequential, what matters only is that in 2012, the flame that sparked the Melbourne Techno Collective revolution way back in 2002 has rekindled and on Friday October 26th will spark once more.

Join the Melbourne Techno Collective with special guest Steve Rachmad and a cast of Melbourne based DJs and Live acts as they once again prove why Melbourne will forever be “techno city”

Available from

The Local Cast:
Matt Radovich, Sam McEwin, Jay Reading, Haul Music Live, Jani Ho vs Voiteck Live, Linas Live, Chiara Kickdrum Live, Darius Bassiray, Dean Benson vs Mike Buhl, DVS (Tekno Mulisha), Mr Pyz, Louis McCoy (Knee Deep) & PWD (The Public Works Department)


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