Beware of a Golden Panda this Saturday night!


Old time compadres The Operatives and Stable come together to present a limited capacity event with Gold Panda!!!!!!!

Hailing from Chelmsford, Essex, Gold Panda spent the early part of last year building a reputation as remixer du jour for the likes of Little Boots, Telepathe, Bloc Party, Simian Mobile Disco, Health and The Field, before releasing three EPs of his own material in the summer to huge critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, Dazed and Confused, The Guardian, NME and beyond. Live performances soon followed and his invigorated head hunched style quickly won further fans as well as establishing him as an artist who could play live rather than just prod at an expensive laptop.


The journey to his current illuminated standings has been long and intermittently strange. Having spent downtime behind the counters of various establishments of ill repute – finding out that record stores and adult stores are no less seedier than each other. GP consolidated the rest of his hours creating archives of electronic music; each track different from the other, incorporating multitudes of styles and disparate influences and obscure samples and base material.


With his raved-about remixes that quickly found the interested of various labels, blogs and tastemakers interest in his own material was inevitable and Gold Panda began culling his back-archive of material for a series of low key releases. The first was ‘Miyamae’, a 12″ on Various, followed by the ‘Quitters Raga’ 7″ on Make Mine, and the third, ‘Before’ was released digitally and on 250 limited CDs via Puregroove. The releases were heavily influenced from a year spent living in Japan, as well as B movies on vhs video, minimal techno and hip hop. An avowed lover of Japanese culture and it’s lifestyle, Gold Panda spend two years at the renowned School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS) learning to read and write Japanese.

Now having essentially cleared the decks (bar the 100+ tracks that may one day creep into the open as he sees fit), 2010 will see Gold Panda releasing his debut album and pushing on and consolidating his quickly burgeoning reputation as one of the brightest names in the electronic scene.


Local talent Galapagoose, JPS, Matt Radovich, Fugitive,Kuya, Jelly Fish and Rinatrah Blake..

400 tickets only and 100% exclusive show.


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