Capacity 350 – Robert Hood Live [M-Plant / UR, USA]

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Stable Music, Funf and our friends at Liberty Social presents…

Capacity 350 – Robert Hood Live [M-Plant / UR, USA]

It’s well overdue for CAPACITY to invade The Liberty Social and who better than Detroit legend, techno veteran, Robert Hood. Liberty Social is still in its early stages of embedding itself as in a institution in Melbourne but with artists such as Jeff Mills to Nicholas Jaar giving it praise, the Liberty is here to stay. We’ll give the cool room a bit of tweak and load up the front bar so no matter where you are you’ll receive the full Detroit experience.

Robert Hood [M-Planet / Underground Resistance, USA]

In an era where credit is rarely given when due, a lot of today’s so-called ‘minimal’ enthusiasts may not actually be familiar with its creator: the magnificent and innovative Robert Hood. Raised primarily on Motown in Detroit, Robert Hood’s family was enveloped in music: his mother recorded a 45″ locally, his uncle managed jazz and r&b bands, his grandmother’s first cousin was Berry Gordy, his father was a jazz musician.

His journey into techno began with a fortuitous introduction when a well-connected musician, Mike Clark (aka Agent X), led to him eventually passing on a demo to a keyboard player in underground Detroit, Mr. Mike Banks. With UR, Robert forged a path for himself, creating a simple yet powerful sound that fully encompassed the Detroit ethos, but also pushed unparalleled levels of imagination.

Many seminal UR releases later, shortly after the X-102 project, Jeff Mills and Robert decided to set up Axis, which was “more of an abstract sound that was different from the experimental techno from UR, and that was different from the Detroit’s Metroplex/Transmat/KMS sound.

Hood and Mills hopped cross-country to NYC in 1992, the home for their brilliant H&M productions and Roberts own ground-shattering Minimal Nation LP hit the electronic music world with unprecedented explosion – it is credited today as a turning point for techno with it’s futuristict production techniques. Shortly after, Hood took a step in an entirely different direction, with M-Plant in 1994 where his creative flow found no boundaries and has guided Robert to where he is today. Floorplan’s debut album “Paradise” out July 1st on M-Plant though online and good record stores.

We caught up with Robert Hood at Mutek for the Boiler Room session, check out what’s in store for Melbourne!


Matt Radovich, Mike Buhl

Adrian Bell, Harold, Jim Grim

proudly supported by AiAiAi

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Interviews and publicity by DataOnDub

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