Capacity 999 – DAVE CLARKE [Unsubscribe, United Kingdom]

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Thick as Thieves, Stable Music & Fünf Touring present,

DAVE CLARKE [Unsubscribe, United Kingdom]

With the techno sound back on the rise in Australia, it gives us great pleasure to announce the return of the Baron of Techno, Mr. Dave Clarke. For this special occasion we have chosen to awaken a forgotten space of our city, the infamous Roxanne. With a monster Nexo Rig installed especially for the show you know Clarke will unleash the hell in one of the few venues that has no sound restrictions at all.

After many years of working together, Funf Touring, Thick As Thieves & Stable Music will team up to bring you an experience like no other with one of the worlds premier techno icons, Dave Clarke.

He may be known as The Baron Of Techno, a moniker given to him by renowned BBC Radio DJ / journalist John Peel, but Dave Clarke has an anarchist streak a mile wide and punk in his soul, having no truck with establishment figures or authoritarianism. A hard working purist, forward thinking futurist, technology geek, part Gothic and gadget lover who embraced the digital revolution in an early stage while his peers where still sniffing the smell of vinyl, a format he hasn’t used professionally in eleven years. It’s unsurprising he revels in the libertarianism of the World Wide Web. It gives symmetry to his savvy techno vision.

Clarke’s vast determination to stubbornly follow his own path in the music industry, along with his outspoken opinion on many a subject, was not hailed by his peers with enthusiasm on many occasions. Criticized for being a futurist in the early zeros – he was the first techno artist to release an internet only single in 2000 – his main motive was, and still is, to deliver music to the ears of his global audience oblivious to pigeonholes, politics, prejudice or other people’s opinions. As Clarke explains: “This is techno, it’s supposed to be forward-looking”.

Local Delegates:

Espacio 1.
Matt Radovich, Dean Benson & JPS (THE OPERATIVES)

Espacio 2.
Phil K, Darius Bassiray, Isaac Fryar, Out of Focus ( Louis McCoy & Bryce Lawrence) & Luke Santilli

Espacio 3 – Bunker presents..
Adrian Bell, Harold, Pete Large, Audixx, Daniel Ciavarella, Eddie Example & Dylan Bauer

Company profiles:

Funf are a collective of dedicated music and lovers who launched early last year committed to presenting the finest electronic artists the world has to offer. As the name suggests, they have a strong focus in FIVE major Australian cities being Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. They enjoy long walks on the beach with Jimmy & authentic American BBQ ribs.

Thick as thieves are one of the most diverse touring and promotions company based in Melbourne. Working with over 20 promoters across the country at any one time, they attention to detail is unsurpassed and you catch the team lurking around revolver on Sundays all year round.

Over the past 12 years Stable has brought some of the most forward thinking direction in sound and sonic development to our shores. For Stable there is neither inside or outside the box, music is music and it’s as simple as that. Open source and genre free are our biggest assets and we always strive to explore new experiences whenever possible.

proudly supported by AiAiAi


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