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Lucky COQ feiert Oktoberfest!!!
mit besten Deutsch Bier…

Houray, it’s this time of the year again…
Lucky COQ is hosting some of the best German premium beers in the world.
For the third time, Lucky COQ is proud to present “Oktoberfest 2013”.

Our first Oktoberfest was in 2009 and has emerged into a great little 2 weeks we are very proud of.

The idea pretty much came to us as a flash,
talking about beer as we were drinking a shit load of it,
we started throwing ideas around and concepts at each other when one of us came with the wonderful idea of celebrating beer,
and who knows best!

The Germans of course!!!
From the 21st of September to the 6th of Oktober,
Lucky will be celebrating Oktoberfest.

As you know we’ve always been massive beer lovers here at Lucky,
And Oktoberfest was another way of showing people our dedication to beer.

For the past 7 years we’ve been committed to showing you the best and tastiest local beers out there!

With a range of 15 different products on tap, we are more focused on handcrafted, local and international boutique beers.

We now showcase
3 tap ciders including our very own creation Coq N Cider
and 12 different beers on tap always rotating to keep it fresh for your tastebuds!
From locally brewed Mountain Goat to Little Creatures, we have a big selection of beer from all over Australia including Colonial beers from Perth, Hawthorn Pilsner from the next suburb over and who can forget our own little brew “the Blond Coq” an unfiltered witbeer Belgium style ;
and also a couple of internationals with Stiegl from Austria or Asahi from Japan just to name a few…
During Oktoberfest we will be showcasing 8 of the finest German beers on tap + 1 Austrian Lager just to keep it interesting:

Schoffer Hoffer (Witbeer)
Radeberger (Pilsner)
Bitburger (Pilsner)
Erdinger (Weissbrau)
Colonial (Kolsch)
Konig (Pilsner)
Hofbrau (Lager)
Lowenbrau (Lager)
Stiegl (Austrian Lager)

We will be serving all these fine drops into their own branded glassware in a pure and authentic German style.
And just to make sure we are all having fun,
we are throwing a couple of Sundays session/parties upstairs with free German barbecues, bands and DJ’s.

 photo Lucky_Oktoberfest2013_Mate_A3_FIN_zps26d8c3ba.jpg

On the 29th of September Matt Radovich will be playing some ultra chilled tunes to get you in the mood and on the 6th of Oktober, with the “Psyde project ” (with resident Dj’s D’Fro and James Barre ) getting your bums off seats with some hip hop starting from 4.30pm…

So make sure you keep your Sundays free and come to Lucky to celebrate the 8th wonder of the world: beer!!!

“Prost” mate!!!


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