Remedy No. 3

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We live in a time where we often forget or turn a blind eye to situation we feel may be out of our control. The time has come to change that interpretation, and fix the situation. Remedy is the united force of Melbourne’s finest purveyors of electronic music. And together, we’ll help to fix as many (develop aid and raise funds for specific organisations) of these situations as we viably can, or help at least.

On the UN’s International Day of Peace and In this current anti asylum political climate, lets help those that are through, due to be processed whichever way they came in.

Our Beneficiary is The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

$10 Donation/ $15 with Raffle ticket (or whatever you feel like donating)
Time: 2 to 8pm
We are Kid and Dog friendly
MAD RAFFLE PRIZES (Extra Raffle tickets can be bought on day) – more info soon


NFA/ anti-Kirkis / Kuya / John Bailey / Jimmy Caution / JPS / Matt Radovich / Nam / Blair Stafford / Amin Payne / Djumbo / Deejay Mzrizk / Lady Banton / Chris Gill / Mike Gurrieri / Cazeaux OSLO / Mr Fish / Ennio Styles / Bionic Boogie DJs / Systa BB / Moses Iten /

*This is a fundriaser for ASRC and not and ASRC event.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) protects and upholds the human rights, wellbeing and dignity of asylum seekers. They are the largest provider of 25 aid, advocacy and health services for asylum seekers in Australia. Most importantly, at times of despair and hopelessness, they offer comfort, friendship, hope and respite.

They are an independent, registered non-governmental agency and we do not receive any direct program funding from the Australian Government. They rely on community donations and philanthropy for 95% of our funding. They employ 40 staff and rely on over 800 dedicated volunteers. They deliver services to over 1,250 asylum seekers at any one time through programs such as material aid, health, legal, counseling, casework and foodbank.

ASRC’s vision is that all those seeking asylum in Australia have their human rights
upheld and that those seeking asylum in our community receive the support and opportunities they need to live independently.


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