For a good cause!

 photo 1400219_10151974390566974_365980580_o_zps8d95abd2.jpg

More Ape people! When our good friend Al approached us and told us about the good work that the Orangutan Project are doing, being the rangas that PCP and Cuznmatt are we felt compelled to get behind the Apes and give up some support for our primate cousins in Borneo.

Classic Morebass format, two rooms of shit hot music, funky shit styles in one room and dancefloor beats in the other.

Easy on the pocket at five dollars with a crack team of Melbourne’s underground beats culture showcasing the full spectrum of bass music at one of the northside of towns raddest venues. Sunday afernoon bass styles for the northside masses.

3pm til we’ve saved the rangas.

check the oranguatn project page for more information about what these guys do and where the money’s going.

Okay Set times..

Front Room
3 – 4 Cuznmatt
4 – 5 Scott Alien
5 – 6 Matt Radovich
6 – Close (~7.30) Wasabi

Band Room

3 – 4 Antony Kültrøn Stevens (Antony Von Kultrun)
4 – 5 mBug
5 – 6 Cut Phobic
6 – Close (~8:00) Andrew Till

After we close the band Opa a crazy arsed Balkan brass band will be starting at 8:30 in the Front Bar.
Bar 303 have invited all guests of More Ape to stay without paying the additional door charge….. The venue and bar will kick on till around 10:30 – 11 …

If you come late you can still donate but the beats will be kicking off at 3 to enjoy a cruisy afternoon….


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