When The Smoke Clears at My Aeon

 photo WhentheSmokeClearsMyAeonSept2014_zps31d74fe8.jpg

When the Smoke Clears takes on My Aeon with an indoor/outdoor double header Friday September 12.

This event is a tasteful merger of Melbourne Deep House and techno outfit Sound of Thought and Melbourne Techno bumper crop When the Smoke Clears.

With dj’s from both crews interspersed throughout the night there is a deliberate focus on sharing the airspace as we embark upon an undulating ride through textures, sounds and delivery styles over two spaces.

From When the Smoke Clears we bring you PWD, Wingman, Dean Benson, Matt Radovich, Simon Slieker, Dave Pham, Azrin.

Representing Sound of Thought: Unfettered, Wael Najm, Mos Howieson.

Want to know more about these guys, go here: https://www.facebook.com/soundofthought

Kicking off at 10pm, come and enjoy the lush surrounds of the courtyard with the boutique outdoor vibe whilst the indoor dancefloor goes dark, deep and long on the thrumming Funktion One PA.

This night is a unique sound styling of two outfits with strong following and hard earned credentials coming together for the greater good of the music. Ole.


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