WTSC is Back for some October action

 photo 10257590_775484839159803_6861509822730097264_o_zpsacfd242a.jpg

When the Smoke Clears: Mixed Media Boutique

After a dual room attack on My Aeon last month, When The Smoke Clears is back at LOOP this month with another, free entry, Mixed Media Boutique.

All you connoisseur beer drinkers, chin wagers, video edit officionados and electronica specialists: this is for you.

From our team, 6 mixed media specialists are coming out to play across the full gamut of presentation options, patched in with vinyl, turntables, CDJ’s, Computer controllers, Traktor and mutlitple peripherals, this is the modern dj’s junket.

Quale, Simon Slieker, Azrin, Ranjit Nijjer, Matt Radovich, PWD and special Live VJ guest.

We invite you to come and have a drink and submerge in the sound and visual delights. This is your sanctuary in the city, Saturday 11th. Lock it.



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