Underground Resistance presents Timeline in Melbourne!

With thanks to great mates at Stable Music, The TECHNO Icons that are Underground Resistance, are bringing their Timeline show to Melbourne for the very first time, for Melbourne Music Week! And to top off that fucking awesome news, I will be doing the warm up set for this show!

 photo 12862CoMMMWA2PortraitPosterBlackTemplate_02_zps8a248bf4.png

There is a musical chain running from the past through the present and into the future.

The links in that chain, what holds things together, is the Timeline. High-tech jazz for forward thinking music lovers, Timeline has taken on many forms and most recently as the linking of UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE (UR) founder Mad Mike with Jon Dixon (keyboardist) and De’Sean Jones (saxophonist), both from the supergroup Galaxy 2 Galaxy.

Joined by UR DJ/producer Mark Flash, the four artists take elements of jazz and techno and combine them into something familiar, yet different.

Once upon a time, jazz was the definition of innovation. It dominated dance clubs and opened people’s minds to infinite possibilities.

It is in that spirit that Timeline continues the push forever forward into the future.

Timeline features music performances by Jon Dixon, Mark Flash, De’Sean Jones and the man behind it all, Mad Mike.

After 2 tours in Detroit and and long history with the sound of the motor city, Matt Radovich will carry the flag for Melbourne Music Week and open for this momentous occasion.

Support comes from Italian-born, Melbourne-based composer, DJ and musician Chiara Kickdrum, who will bring her eclectic range of musical outputs to the decks, and Howler Melbourne and The Workshop resident C:1

For the complete MMW 2014 line-up visit melbourne.vic.gov.au/mmw

For party Details go here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1477317285877153/?ref=ts&fref=ts

For Tickets go here – https://mmw.dashtickets.com.au/event/view/0cj14d8qn


2 thoughts on “Underground Resistance presents Timeline in Melbourne!

  1. Will Robert hood,rolando, and the rest of the original ur team be gracing our shores for a UR live assault. Who are the members of UR that will be playing at the Victoria market gig?

    • Rob and Rolando will not be talking part in this tour, they are busy taking care of their excellent solo careers. As mentioned in the article, Mike Banks, Mark Flash, De’sean Jones and Jon Dixon will be joining us in Melbourne.

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