I’m having a Piknic with my mate from the Underground Resistance

 photo 10599519_441115386046441_1926350570644790044_n_zpsr21bd2h8.png

For Piknic Electronik Melbourne #7 we decided to do a good deed. We thought we would rescue a very good friend from the extremely cold Detroit winter and let him experience the some of our delightful Australian Summer!

On the 22nd of February Piknic Electronik bring you John Collins from the legendary Underground Resistance! John has been a staple in the Detroit Underground/ House/ Electronic scene for many years. In 1986, John was hired to DJ at probably the hottest club in Detroit at that time – CHEEKS. A year later he would be joined at Cheeks with the now legendary Jeff Mills.

John has always been closely affiliated with the revolutionary musical collective UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE, as both an artist, producer, management and booking coordinator.

Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Eddie Fowlkes are the fathers who birthed techno – John Collins is the gatekeeper who has contributed to its relevance and global viability as a worldwide music genre that is uniquely DETROIT.

 photo Piknic 7 John Collins_zps97gn0g7j.jpg

In support we have enlisted some of the best DJs to support the legend that is John Collins! From Sydney we have Kali, who was responsible for bringing UR to Sydney last year. And finally we have a very good friend of Underground Resistance, Melbourne’s own Matt Radovich.

Get ready to be taken on a musical journey by a living legend from the birthplace of TECHNO, Detroit.


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