The Sunday Soirée turns 3!

 photo Sunday Soiree poster mosaic_zpsej8vsuxu.png

From the beginning of it’s inception, The Sunday Soirée is just about getting some great people together and having a fucking great Sunday!

3 years later, we continue to have a fucking great Sunday together and this Easter Sunday, we shall be getting together and having one hell of a B’day party!

As per usual, our great mates from I Know A Place who have been with us since the start, will be bring those excellent quality drinks and yet another kick ass BBQ.

We’ll be doing our part as well, we have gotten some of our favourite Soirée DJs (Not All, but some) together to give you something a little different.

We will have 4 decks and 2 mixers going all day with 12 DJs pairing up doing 6 vs sets throughout the day.

Check the Line Up

Matt Radovich vs Mike Gurrieri
No Name Nath vs Cut n Paste
Hans DC vs Moon Shine
Jelly Fish vs A13
Hayden George vs Mr Pitiful
Rintrah vs Dj Penfold

Entry will be FREE ALL DAY LONG

Also it wouldn’t be a Soirée if it did rain, or it was fucking HOT, or there was a cyclone, or it did snow. SO be prepared for ANYTHING!!! Because we will be partying no matter what happens!

This is will be our last Soirée for the now, we will be hibernating during the colder months, but don’t worry, we’ll be back once it gets warmer later in the year.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work in making this happen for 3 years and Thanks to everyone for coming and having fun with us. Here’s to many more years together!

See ya at I know a place for a shitload of Melbourne Bitter


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